8.8.2023: finally figured out how to put the self-insert webring widget there
7.17.2023: name change !
7.8.2023: had some fun with the colors n more pics !
7.5.2023: finally returning to work on this !!
2.22.2023: i have begun once more ! including some of my ocs on the front page !
1.19.2023: starting, not sure what to do ..

☆ Welcome !!☆

hello, i'm reki , welcome to cirice, my little website ! .. I'm a mexican artist who LOVES good food and decorating !!

there isnt much to look at at the moment , but i will be writing.. stuff ? and storing my collections, among other things, hopefully ! ( i have many plans , but i'm very much so an amateur at coding and anything like that so i'll be fairly slow i think .. )

link me!