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12.11.2023: major visual revamp
8.8.2023: finally figured out how to put the self-insert webring widget there
7.17.2023: name change !
7.8.2023: had some fun with the colors n more pics !
7.5.2023: finally returning to work on this !!
2.22.2023: i have begun once more ! including some of my ocs on the front page !
1.19.2023: starting, not sure what to do ..

☆ Welcome !!☆

hello !! welcome to cirice ! .. I'm reki , or asriel , shapeshifting guardian angel (?) at your service ~ !

this whole place is a big work in progress !! i've got lots i wanna do but only two paws .. ( that don't even know how to code yet .. ) I hope you enjoy your stay here , no matter how long or short you decide to scamper in these fields of mine !

link me!